Coffee with Grandma

I try to visit my Grandparents every couple of weeks. I usually have coffee or tea with my Grandma but lately we have become addicted to lattes. Chai, vanilla, chocolate, mocha…Grandma has them all.

Usually when I go to a friend’s or family member’s house, we like to show each other any new purchases. New piece of clothing, new art piece, new shampoo, new techy device…really anything. My family lives very modestly, they seem to detest shopping, especially for big-ticket items. And I’m usually quite observant when I’m in people’s homes. I like to take in my surroundings and just look around. So I go to sit down on my Grandparent’s couch with my vanilla latte and cookies. A while later, my Grandpa joins us and points out this new picture on the wall that he was pretty excited about finding. I however did not notice it until he pointed it out. I have a look at it and start to smile, and then laugh. They are probably wondering what the heck is so funny, I mean the picture is of a barn and a field, not that amusing. I’m laughing because it is the very picture that was at my house for as long as I can remember. My Mom thought it best to part with it and drop it off at our local thrift shop, which I go to regularly. And each time, that picture was still there. Until recently, apparently it found a new home at Grandma and Grandpa’s. We got quite the laugh out of it!

A couple of times a year, us humans get the urge to clean out the closet and get rid of things that we no longer use, wear or even like anymore. Only to make room for more “things”. Everyone does it, and it feels really freeing to do so yet some things are difficult to part with. Why do we buy stuff and things? For example, right now I have a couple of bags of stuff waiting at the door to go to a new home.

I love my room and everything in it, it’s my sanctuary and I am surrounded by things that remind me of…well me. Who I am. However, some I simply like because they are pretty or cute. Others have no sentimental value whatsoever. We buy things for many reasons…we may actually need a new t.v, we may be bored, we may be hungry, going through a break up or simply make a purchase on impulse. But what do all these reasons have in common? Buying things makes us feel better. We work 40 hours or more each week to buy this “stuff”. It may not help our bank accounts, but we feel better, albeit for a short time, then we do it again, and again. Until we have a garage full of unnecessary fluff.

As I mentioned, my family lives within their means, yet we still have stuff we need to part with. We all do. So that one picture that was at my house and is now on my Grandparent’s wall, triggered  a few thoughts. One big thought actually. I really think we should make a point of collecting memories and moments with people that we love spending time with. Collect moments, not things, and see how we feel.

I also want to leave with a funny story from coffee with Grandma. I was telling her about blogging. What it is and what kinds are out there. I mentioned food, photography, crafting, fashion and knitting blogs. She responds with “passion and kissing blogs?? What is this world coming to?”. I guess I need to learn to speak more clearly.

This is a fun little tune about getting back to your roots.



5 steps to moving on.

I recently quit my job of 8 years. 8 YEARS. Still can’t believe how fast the time went by. It was nervous excitement, almost like when you have an interview or a first date. But I strongly believe I made the right choice because now I can begin my next step in life, whatever that may be. This was a long time coming and needed to be done. So how does one move on from being in a “comfortable rut”? You just feel it.

1) We cannot live in the past as it no longer exists. There are many moments in our lives we are going to want to freeze and hold on to so tightly, or moments we wish never happened. But what if we didn’t remember moments or memories? Would we be a completely new person each day? I mean really who the heck would we be without them? I believe this really comes down to personal preference and what you can live with each day. There is nothing wrong with holding onto photographs or talking about “that time when…” It becomes dangerous when the past either consumes you or prevents you from moving forward.

2) Talk to strangers. Get to know the cashier who’s till you go to everyday. We get so caught up in our own lives and trapped in our own head. It can become truly exhausting. But when you hear other people’s struggles and life stories, it really puts your own life into perspective. It can either make you feel quite lucky with your life or make you think about taking that next step. A little advice from a stranger can be that last push that you need to move on.

3) Be decisive. Just do it! I am proud of my accomplishments thus far, even though sometimes they seem small. But I have been in a state of paralysis because I have been too afraid to take a risk. I like a straight and narrow path, it’s comfortable, but it’s not necessarily a good thing either. Deciding on something and following through, feels amazing and empowering.

4) Do not compare yourself to others. It is a killer to your mental health. One person’s passion in life may not be another person’s, and that is okay. I think we need to be kinder to our fellow humans, but more importantly, kinder and gentler to ourselves. We are all on a path and trying to be better than who we were yesterday. Change is scary, support each other and cheer one another on.

5) Be completely and brutally honest with yourself. This may take time and practice, but it is worth it. Dig deep and find that passion inside yourself. Passion for something fuels us and gives us the most important tool to succeed. ENERGY.

Song of the day Move on by ABBA. Enjoy 🙂 (And yes I love ABBA, sue me)

Lost in thought? Look to your pet.

My friend once told me that when our dogs see us, the feeling they get inside is equivilant to the feeling of falling in love. Every time they see us! How special does that make you feel!? We are their world yet we can learn so much from them. Everyone struggles to live in the moment. Which is exactly what dogs do and I am on a mission to learn. We see quotes everywhere about “being present” and “wherever you are be all there”…I’m sure it’s more difficult to be present than it is to let our thoughts take over. I think that is the difference between the minds of humans and the minds of dogs. We have a sensory over load, constant input of new information which then once our brain soaks it up, it manifests and soon we are anxious about being anxious or angry about being angry. But they are just thoughts, not real. Simple as that.

I encourage you to spend more time with your furry friends, if you have any, if not go to your local shelter! You won’t regret it. I believe that is one step to letting go and being present. Even if it’s only for a short time.

Song of the day: Hozier – Someone new. I am always on the search for new music. This guy Hozier, is a young yet wise lad from Ireland. Check out this little dandy. Lyrics to listen for… “there is an art to life’s distractions”….

Things will become clear.

I am currently listening to Taylor Swift. Not sure if that is the best opening for my first blog post but there it is! I mean what else is a girl to do on a chilly Sunday afternoon? Definitely not check her phone compulsively, nope not me. Hence the idea of a blog. I need to put my energy to good use. There is a fairly good reason for listening to Swifty (other than the obvious fact that she is awesome :p). I found myself struggling to remember what I have done these past two years since I finished school and somewhat contemplating what I accomplished. I had this idea in mind that by the time I turned 25 I would like to somewhat have my shit together (as I’m sure many do). But what does that really mean? Once we have something or are at a certain point in our lives, we always want more or ask ourselves, what next? I had the experience of working full time for about two years, which I hadn’t done before. I was able to buy a car and with a car came freedom (finally!). I had a few other new experiences that perhaps I didn’t appreciate until now. Now here I am contemplating my past and my future while Taylor is telling me to “shake it off”. So I don’t really have a huge point to make, mainly my point was to take the first step into the blogging world. I really can’t believe it has been 7 years since I’ve graduated high school (I mean that’s when life really begins right?). Why I insist on counting the years, I have no idea. But what this year has taught me is to be resilient and trust yourself, trust the people who are in your life and know that emotions come and go.  Anywho I consider myself educated, not indebt, with my own wheels and my parents haven’t kicked me out yet. So I have things to be greatfull for but my mind set right now is its only up from here and I can’t wait.

I also recently had the pleasure to attend the Fleetwood Mac concert. I have been listening to them for as long as I can remember as my parents always had them playing on the stereo. It was truly a dream come true to see them play some of our favorite songs. As I was watching them perform, I thought how cool it is that they have been together for so many years and actually how difficult it would be. But it was all for the love of music and they kept that “chain” strong. Come the end, Stevie Nicks shared her wisdom with us. She encouraged everyone to follow our dreams and during that time it is all about you. I am 25 and it is time to follow my dreams whatever they may be. So I will leave you with a quote from Stevie; wake up that gypsy!